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Steve and Priscilla Valentine

Pigs at Home





Steve and Priscilla Valentine spent their days giving piggies belly rubs and snouty kisses, and dispensing popcorn or cheese for special treats.

Training them was not work, it was a delight!

The pigs are "family" and are entitled to sleep in human beds, stand by the fire, or occasionally take a trip in the car to their favorite drive-in for a burger...vegetarian, of course!

People were amazed that the pigs enjoyed the same perks and comforts that humans do, and that they are so clean. The Valentines thought of training and living with the pigs as almost the same as doing so with children. Local, National, and international TV shows have come to the Valentines home to film the porcine stars in their home setting.

Check out the pigs' digs and the people that were "owned" by them!

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